The Blue Book


Lie back with me,
travelling child.

Look how far you’ve come,
through all this other time
and the tales they told you,
full of terror and tragedy
and all the telling signs
that were traipsed before you.

Did you not think
we would test you, dearest one?
Do you not think
there is more to come?

So take a moment,
little love,
and lie with me.
Let your head go
into this warm embrace.

You remember it, don’t you?

Even if you chose the life
of a time-travelling liar,
you must still return
to catch that breath
you so bravely gave out
when they broke you.

Did you not think
they would, sweet soul?
Do you not think
even they were surprised?

You should know by now,
precious wayward,
what lights the light.

So lay down, here,
abandon what you bought
and let the lullaby
blow you away:
both storm and soft song
sung together,
travelling child
tossed by the ocean:
come, lie back with me!

Did you not think,
but come to know it by heart?
Do you not think
that was the point?


A tight loop