The Blue Book

Sagrada Familia

What is a hundred years
of stone and hardship
to those in love?

Here, in the heights,
swallowed by open space
and pillars like trees
in the forest of a heart
now passed; now just a name,
echoed in the quiet songs
of stained glass:

birth and death and glory
and a glimpse of what it means
to open onto the distant sea.

There is no time for us,
no inevitable passing
into the temple of light,
not a temple, but the temple,
this one, joined like gratitude
and grace and an old fruit
you had once, the juice dripping
down your chin, grinning
at the wonder of taste,
at the emptiness of temptation,
as once again you kneel
and clasp your hands before you
in wordless wonder
for the mind beyond mind
which built this place.


O Magnum Mysterium

The light side of life