The Blue Book


Tell me again how you lost yourself,
let go in fields of gold,
hands held in reverence
for the quiet heart, here,
hidden in plain sight
as a poem built up on your horizon,
and you walked out to be
with the old animal,
worship at an altar of burnt air
gathered before drops borne
of wind and water, all around
a sense that it had always been here
with you that I belong,
drinking in stories
of the roots in roots
and the sky of sky,
summer’s blue secret
and a kind of love
that leans against balconies
and weaves the space
between stars, bears us in waves
back to what we have always been,
poems in the velvet distance,
people of endless sky,
guests of cloud singing life as we fall…

Yes, tell me again
of how you danced with the dead
and felt the meaning of grace
contained in a simple gesture,
heart in hands,
open to welcome as guest the storm
that is yourself,
arrived at last to break on us,
as if the underside of skin
were just green light,
waiting to remember how water loves
before we wake
and wonder here,
astounded that you ever felt
separate from me.


Dark Side of the Moon Solo

Pure power