The Blue Book

Program Me

For this variable i -
still caught in loops
he can’t quite write out, led back to infinity
every time he tries to run
a program meant to prove how funny fate can be -
there is no escape.

/ There is just a random walk ahead
through the vast desert, a monad
destined for the illuminated dark,
a kind of dream that can only point
to a loop held open by the infinitesimal
eternity between.

The program doesn’t work, of course,
such a joke can’t be stored in memory
leaving me trying to echo the results
in the hope that you will see i change,
but all that shows is the same blank page:
vast emptiness, nothing sacred.

/ No loops, no variables, no fate.
Where, then, does the laughter come from?


The world’s first computer

Open source religion

We listen together