The Blue Book

Tree Talks

Poetry is language against which
we have no defense;
it is a patterned intensity of words
that overflows,
fills beyond bursting
the insignificant dams we build
to hold ourselves back
from being boundless,
forgetting that our bodies bind water
in microscopic rainbows
as a means of passing music
between rivers and streams,
all of life a trickle, laughing its way
between sudden falls,
and we, acoustic ecologists,
sent here to preserve
the sound of our secret
and all it has to say about
how unwanting souls
see what is hidden;
what is not here,
or does not feel like it…

Until it does,
until the poem is just
your own voice
reminding you
of the only thing you can do,
the only life you can save
and why we should talk with trees:

they answer back,
once you let go
of what words sound like.


Budding Trees

Peace seeds