The Blue Book

Kamal Pash

We are the ordinary visionaries,
you and I, this one relationship,
a rhythm woven into all the fables,
all the fictions, the fallacies, the fallen
who have forgotten their dead,
a fractal foxtrot with four letters
from aleph to silence
between mind and memory
and the manifold unity manifest
where novelty and history meet,
and meeting merge in other form:
a quantum foam fomenting freedom.

It’s always been here and now;
“here and now” - a lord’s prayer,
our holograph heresy,
herded over the bridge
by an unsuspecting shepherd
shorn of a contingent life,
caught in the cosmic overwhelm,
contemplating infinity beneath a tree,
and come back to love,

to love this here and now,
this here and now forever.


The internet taught us so


Timewave Zero