The Blue Book

Open Space

“In their dying, they too have ensouled the earth, the memory of their lives forever written for those who follow to see” - Paul Myburgh

He knows what it is
to look on the world
with eyes that are seeing
for the first time
what it is,
to have been buried
in some long ago dream
of wind and sand and blood:
the space between
from which we come;
the Great Face on which we dance,
liquid memory of our people
given to the moon, old N/aueema,
who sings with stars that say tsau!
in the old tongue,
magic words
from the reverence of my soul.

The overtones from under my skin,
and the stars say tsau, tsau tsau!
blood and sand and the male lion roars,
his mane a maze of light and golden thread
weaving a dream in these desert nights
where the caves fill with dancers who remember
how the stars say tsau,
how the moon holds his heart
this one beating heart of us all,
fallen, broken, slowly filling up with light.



Magnetic fire

Yù Yī

The Bushmen Winter Has Come