The Blue Book


Sing: I have known the ways of God
and forgotten myself
countless times now.

An old tune, touched
by that griot you once heard,
opening with a flat line

and empty space;
then, the first alif,
an ignorant man standing up
and all the souls of seven worlds
in silent wonder
at her upright figure,
turned to face fate;
to light the lyrics of life;
to place with love
a label, not meant to hold
a single, flaming letter,
but simply so that
another, as hungry as I,
might find it one day
in the back of a cupboard
and, desperate, drawn on
by the strange smell of words,
the way they seem to waft between
appetite and its opposite,
twist it open.

Only to find in there
the same empty space

and discover, delighted,
the complete lack of difference
denoted by mere words
like life and death.



Your Brain On Music


Alif, The Unseen